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YouTube Channels to Subscribe To


Prairie View at Village West Blog, Kansas City, KS Apartments  Don't waste your time on the internet by watching useless videos, instead, try some of suggestions for channels with great content!

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, you’re familiar with YouTube. This video hosting platform has become a hub for content creators, videographers, comedians, and more. The videos found on YouTube can provide hours of entertainment, so in this week’s Prairie View at Village West Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions for channels to follow! You can enjoy all of the wonderful content from the comfort of your Kansas City apartment.


The Bucket List Family

Warning! This channel will give you a major case of wanderlust. The Bucket List Family is a family that sold everything and took off on a journey around the world. Join Garrett, Jessica, Dorothy, Manilla, and the newly added Calihan on their adventures around the world, visiting exotic locales, as they check things off their bucket list!



You may have seen these videos floating around Facebook, notably the overhead tutorial videos showing you how to make many decadent treats and meals. This channel features a variety of recipes via an informational video tutorial starring cuisines from various cultures and countries. If you’re looking to drool through a YouTube video, this is the channel for you! See what delicious sights the Tasty channel has to offer!


Simon and Martina

Former residents of Korea, now living in Japan, Simon and Martina create videos that showcase their explorations in Japan, including food, travel, and other notable locations in Japan and Asia! Join them as they eat delicious-looking food, experience the different cultures within Asia, and see the world through their eyes!  


These are just a sampling of the channels that you can subscribe to for hours of viewing pleasure. The content they produce may make you experience wanderlust or hunger, but it’s worth watching! If we have missed any good channels to subscribe to, let us know by leaving a comment below!