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World Art Day


Prairie View at Village West Blog, Kansas City, KS Apartments  Celebrate World Art Day on April 15th. Read this week's blog post for DIY art projects ideas. Get creative and have fun!

World Art Day is on April 15th. Here on the Prairie View at Village West Blog, we’ll be sharing some DIY art projects that you can make in your apartment. We also suggest checking out an art gallery here in Kansas City, KS. Get creative this month and enjoy!


DIY Cross Hatch Stamp from Lines Across

Make this fun cross-hatch stamp to make all kinds of unique prints for your walls. To make it you’ll need scissors, craft foam sheets, glue, and wood blocks. Use a stamp pad, cut out a shape, and get stamping.


Photo Transfer Art from Persia Lou

These photo transfer pieces are so simple and so pretty! You can get very creative with what you want to do with them. Make cactus like this tutorial shows or use images of various animals or people. Have fun with this tutorial! Check out the link above for a list of the supplies you’ll need as well as the full tutorial.


Triangle Watercolor Artwork from Kate Bullen

Here’s a great geometric piece that you can’t go wrong with. Anyone can do it! You’ll need watercolor paintings, scissors, a canvas, Mod Podge and that’s it.


Flower Art from Babble

This flower art is so fun to make and looks great. Be creative with what flowers and sizes you use to make a piece that is your own. To make this artwork you’ll need acrylic paint, a plate, flowers with their stems intact, cardstock or watercolor paper, and a paintbrush (optional).


Ballard Designs Knockoff Paintings from Provide Home Design

These paintings are so pretty and will look great as a modern wall art piece. To make them you’ll need canvases, gold tissue paper, Mod Podge, a paintbrush, latex paint, and acrylic paint.


What art projects are you working on? Share your ideas with us in the comments below. Be sure to visit a local art gallery in Kansas City this month as well. Thanks for reading!