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What Not to Get for Mother's Day


Prairie View at Village West Blog, Kansas City, KS Apartment  Give your mother the greatest Mother's Day gifts by following our tip on what not to get your mother for Mother's Day.

Show your mother (or other mother figure in your life) how much you appreciate her by not getting her a terrible Mother’s Day gift. This week’s Prairie View at Village West Blog saves you from embarrassment by sharing with you gift ideas that you should avoid at all costs.



Nothing says “I love you, Mom” like giving her absolutely nothing. Show your mother you love her by actually getting her something, taking her to dinner, sending flowers, or writing here a note. Unless your mother has specifically asked you to not get her anything, or if the culture of your family dictates that no one gets anyone any presents, it’s a good idea to get or make her something. It’s the least you can do for the woman who literally gave you life.


Cleaning Supplies and Appliances

The best way to let your mother know that you think of her as a maid or cook is to get her cleaning supplies or appliances. Unless specifically requested, it’s a good idea to stay away from this type of gift — especially if you want to actually have a place to stay the next time you visit your mother. As an alternative, you could get your mother a giftcard to a restaurant or a spa to get her nails done, as long as she can feel like she’s being pampered.


Gym Membership/Exercise Equipment

You love your mother and you want what’s best for her. Use those good intentions for something else besides getting her a gift that says “Look mom, you need to work out.” Unless your mother is a fitness junkie, it’s best to steer clear from these gifts. The last thing you want is for Mother’s Day to turn into a day where your mother is sobbing in a corner because of your insensitive gift. Instead, try giving her the gift of flowers or spend quality time with her by taking her out to a nice lunch.


What are some examples of good or bad Mother’s Day gifts you’ve given? Let our Kansas City, KS apartment community know in the comments below! Thanks for reading, and Happy Mother’s Day!