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Ways to Exercise this Summer

woman in an orange shirt doing a pushup

Exercise is a vital part of a healthy life. Different forms of exercise appeal to different people, so we’ve compiled a list of options that you can choose from to get exercise this summer in this week’s Prairie View at Village West Blog.


Hit the Gym

When people are looking to make a lifestyle change, the first thing they think about when thinking of exercise is hitting the gym. The gym is one of the most traditional ways to get exercise, where consistency can get you the results that you’re looking for. Depending on where you live, the gyms around may be packed full of people, but thankfully, our apartment community offers a 24 hour fitness center for you to get the exercise you need without the crowd.



If you’re the type of person that would rather have fun than put in tedious work at the gym, then sports might be the form of exercise for you. Sports have a way of incorporating fun into physical exercise, allowing you to get the exercise you need without getting too bored. Since the weather is warm, you can choose between a variety of sports like tennis, soccer, basketball, or even ultimate frisbee!  



Get out of the heat and get some exercise by jumping into the cool, refreshing water of our community pool. Swimming is a full body exercise that removes the strain of body weight. Since it’s a cardiovascular activity, swimming not only strengthens the muscles you need for everyday activity, but it also strengthens your heart! Be sure to rest and hydrate while you swim to avoid any injury or potential drowning situations.


Do you have a favorite way to exercise? If you do, let our Kansas City, KS apartment community know some of them by leaving a comment below!