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Try Minimalism


Prairie View at Village West Blog, Kansas City, KS Apartment  Looking for a change in your lifestyle? Try minimalism by checking out some of our suggestions on how to do it!

Minimalism is a shift in your way of life, and it’s one that is slowly becoming more popular. Many people say that it helps to relieve stress and increase happiness, and it’s integral in helping you prioritize efficiently. Find some ideas for how to do so in today’s Prairie View at Village West Blog.



There are many aspects to minimalism, and one of the biggest ones fueling the craze at the moment is having a minimalist wardrobe. There are three definitions of having a minimalist wardrobe: having few clothing items and having items of clothing that aren’t flashy in terms of color, pattern, and texture, or a combination of the first two. These are important because it means you can mix and match items, forming different outfits with a few items.


If you’re looking into a minimalist wardrobe, consider going through your closet and removing the things you don’t like or don’t wear. After you’ve done so, pinpoint the type of style you wish to have. If you wish to start a base, solid colored wardrobe, you’re welcome to do so, but if you enjoy patterns, that’s okay as well. More than style, minimalism in fashion is to help you cut down on excess and help you to prioritize and keep the stress out of your closet.



What do you think belongs in a minimalist home? As with your wardrobe, a minimalist home can look different depending on what you wish to accomplish. Not all people with minimalist homes remove all photos of their loved ones or only have two pieces of furniture. Instead of simply cutting out everything, focus on what you wish to achieve by turning to minimalism. If your goal is to have fewer material possessions, let that guide your actions. If you want to love and have a use for every item in your home, focus on that!


Though it can be interpreted differently, one thing is for certain: clutter is unwelcome. Start your journey into making your home more minimalist by decluttering the unused and unwanted items. As you’re thinking of things to declutter, remember that if you haven’t used it in over a year, there’s a high chance you won’t use it again.



Ultimately, minimalism boils down to a lifestyle change. Cutting out the excess of your life and prioritizing the right things can set you on the course for change in all aspects of your life. It’s normal to have difficulty making a lasting switch in lifestyle, but if minimalism appeals to you, start slow. Instead of making all these changes immediately, ease in one step at a time. Start by decluttering and getting rid of the unnecessary items in your home. Once you’ve gotten used to that, start throwing away or donating the unworn articles of clothing in your closet.


Do you know much about minimalism or have tips for striving for a less cluttered lifestyle? Share your tips with the rest of the apartment community here in Kansas City, KS by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading!