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Activities to Do at a Park

A picnic basket, bowl of apples, bread, bottle of wine, and blanket on a grassy hill.

Since the summer has such nice weather, we suggest taking some time to get out of your Kansas City, KS apartment before it ends. The park is the perfect destination to head to. In this week’s post of the Prairie View at Village West Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions about activities that you can do while at your favorite local park.

Play Catch
Enjoy some light physical activity by playing catch with a friend or family member. Whether you’re throwing a football or playing catch with baseballs and mitts, you’ll have plenty of space to run around and have some fun.

Have a Picnic
If physical activity isn’t your thing, you can spend time at the park having a picnic. Pack some snacks, a few sandwiches, and a mixture of fruits. Add to the experience by actually bringing a picnic basket and a blanket! Find yourself some nice shade under a tree and have a nice end-of-summer picnic.

If you’re looking for an additional way to waste your end-of-summer days away, investing in a hammock might be the right thing for you! It’s easy to find a pair of trees where you can string your hammock up. Head to a park, set up the hammock, and settle in for a comfortable place to relax.

Outdoor volleyball is generally played 2 on 2, so it’s perfect for a summer evening activity! If you’re at a park, set up a net and start playing. Be mindful of other people using the park. Also, keep an eye out for any dog poop that hasn’t been picked up!  

Do you have any additional activities you enjoy while at the park? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Thanks for visiting our blog today! We hope you have a great rest of the month.